Complete design and quality production of Labels, Custom Labels, Digital Labels, Pressure Sensitive Labels in any quantity needed. From 100 to 10,000,000 – CPS is known for being the best in the label space with both digital labels and flexographic labels printing capabilities.

Printed Shrink Sleeves

Complete design and quality production of printed shrink sleeves for most bottles and cans. A viable alternative to labeling – printed shrink sleeves give any product a higher visibility on shelf with 360 degree marketing.

Printed films

Printed films have steadily gained popularity as the material of choice in both flexible packaging applications as well as non-packaging applications. The properties and versatility of printed films are combining to set it apart from various other materials and develop itself as a genuine performance film.


Anti-Mutilation Solutions protect and insure the surfaces of your product while making your manufacturing processes more efficient. We have protective films which help in reducing the costs arising from rejected and re-worked products. Coated with a pressure sensitive clean peel adhesive, protective films heed to and protect your critical exteriors during assembly, fabrication, shipping and storage. CPS has the experience, knowledge, and capability to prepare the right protective film for your application. We carry a wide variety of surface protection / anti-mutilation products and we’ve conveniently packed them into a sample kit that makes finding the right product for your application easy. Samples are available on request.

Corrugated Box

Whether Corrugated Boxes and cartons for retail display, shipping, mailing or storage, CPS can turnaround very low to extremely high volume needs with reliable service and impeccable quality.


Complete design of pouches whichcan be used for liquids, military applications, chemicals, food products, medical devices or customized to solve any challenge. From customized shapes to pouches with spouts, CPS offers the pouch converting capabilities needed for consumer-centric pouches providing significant marketing impact.


Noise Vibration & Harshness solutions (i.e. Squeak and Rattle) recognize the various sources and generation mechanisms of sounds and vibrations. CPS has extensive experience in the Automotive and Industrial space and consistentlydesigns a fix that attributes to the part(s) with optimum quality. Designed for impact applications, sound dampening and shock absorbing properties, CPS provides an assortment of foams which come in a variety of properties, density, compression, and open or closed cell foam. Samples are available on request.

Tapes and Adhesives

CPS converts Pressure Sensitive Labels, Tapes and Adhesives for the Automotive and Industrial markets. We also offer many types of adhesives which are made for specific surfaces including acrylic, rubber, silicone, and more. From best in class tapes for containment barriers and constructionto cloth, double coated, flocks, paper, UMHW, vinyl and specialty tapes to felts and foam – CPS can stock the materials your company needs to keep it going. Samples are available on request.