Quality and Cost Effective Digital Labels in Atlanta? Yes! CPS!

A major part of claiming your products’ genuineness and credibility is the impact your marketing and product appearance make to your direct customers and at retail.  Yes, we’re talking digital labels and yes, Custom Packaging Solutions is a respected and reliable resource for labels in Atlanta, GA.  How your products are labeled will not just create authenticity of your products, but silently build a precious trust between your brand and your customers.

Whether a product is a “startup”, an established brand or perhaps one looking to rebrand its image – product labels are the first impression on the customer.  Depending on the quantity needed, the design and the feel of the label desired, digital labels are more customizable, and much more efficient than the ones you may try to print yourself.

Take look at the benefits of digital labelling your products or service in Atlanta:


With products trying to stand out in an extremely competitive space, every brand works to create their unique identity among potential customers.  Custom designing labels in Atlanta through CPS allows Georgia based products the advantage of having local expertise and technology at your fingertips.

Optimal Quality

To achieve appealing graphics, sharp colors and the highest quality, brands who print digital labels have proven successful results.  Additionally, printing digital labels for your brand allows more customization options per skew without the added set-up and plate costs or sacrificing of quality.


For any emerging or established business, time is most valuable asset. Printing digital labels with CPS – Atlanta, GA will save your brand a significant amount of time as the technology allows for small to extremely large quantities to run within a shorter time frame than flexographic printing

No Job is Too Small or Too Big

Brands are sometimes concerned about professionally producing labels because they may only need 50 or 250 or 500.  That’s a primary reason to consider printing digital labels.   Custom Packaging Solutions (located in Atlanta just outside of Downtown Atlanta) offers digital label technology which allows brands to print as few or as many labels needed.  How does this help a larger brand?  Perhaps you need a small run to promote a sweepstakes on product or to add a temporary design change or want to have a holiday feel short term?  Or perhaps you are a startup brand and are waiting to make that first big sell through.  Printing digital labels allows for more flexibility and more cost savings achieved as your brand grows.

The size and shape

Choosing the size and shape of your labels should directly correspond to the overall packaging design.  Is there a front and a back of the product package where two labels are needed or do you prefer one label which wraps around?  With digital label printing, any label size and shape can be created by CPS in Atlanta.

The final word

Product labeling is a key factor in effective and successful branding.  Labels introduce a brand to the customer and are a product’s first impression.  Labels can impress a buyer and help sell through a product.  Labels are what a repeat customer looks to find when shopping.

Brand planning must include exhibiting the product with the quality, customization and cost effectiveness requiredThe flexibility, cost savings, quality and overall appearance of digital labels are critical components to the success of any brand plan.