Why Flexographic Labels from CPS, Atlanta, GA is another great option for Custom Labels

A label is printed for numerous purposes: it can be for informing the product description, price and the visual graphic to impress the potential customers. And then there are numerous reasons why using flexographic labels from a company like Custom Packaging Solutions,  based in Atlanta, GA, is an effective choice for custom labels.

Custom Labels by Custom Packaging Solutions, Atlanta, GA

Every business needs a unique identity among their customers and potential customers. Product labels are the best way to distinguish your products from your rivals. Creating unique and appealing labels that impress the customer to purchase your products is key to custom label design.

These days, the printing industry offers professional quality labels using either the process of flexographic or digital printing.  Custom Packaging Solutions makes both available with customers having the option to customize based on their product needs.

There are some beneficial advantages of using Flexographic labels. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable:


When businesses are looking for cheaper yet better options, flexographic labels from CPS, Atlanta, GA is the most preferred choice in this domain. Flexographic labels offer a plethora of customizations within a price range that is more economical than digital labels when the label volumes are large.


The high-speed labelling feature of Flexographic printing makes it suitable for businesses of many varying niches. For those products that go quickly on the shopping shelves, like food,  this one is the most efficient option. Although digital labels may deliver a bit quicker, with CPS there’s only a few days difference in production times of either type of label.


It is, of course, the quality of your products and also the quality of your labels which creates a credible reputation in the market. Flexographic labels from CPS of Atlanta, GA is a favorite choice of packaging industries because of it flawless 4 color process for printing and also spot colors on the varieties of label materials.


Almost every manufacturer needs product labelling and thus quality custom labels. Customized flexographic labels deliver efficiencies and quality in high volumes. Despite the product shape and size, or,  the required material on which the label is printed, the flexographic label process offers appealing labels for any application.  Moreover, flexographic labels are effective on those products which require the label to tolerate heat, cold and moistures.  Again, the larger the volume of labels needed, the more appealing flexographic labels will be.

Summing up

When it comes to producing simple or high-quality adhesive backed labels, Custom Packaging Solutions offers a combination of both flexographic and digital labels to choose from.  A multitude of technologies are used to create stunning labels at a cost that will meet your needs. When you’re looking for the finest, customer service based flexographic or digital label printers in the Alpharetta area, Custom Packaging Solutions is ready to help your business.