Custom Packaging Solutions (CPS) is a resource known for providing reliable service, quality products, competitive pricing and innovative ideas. And true to its name, CPS consistently provides absolute solutions. From adhesive foams and films for companies in the automotive and industrial space to pressure sensitive labels or sleeves and vast arrays of packaging for manufacturing companies, our team works alongside our customers to analyze key areas where extra value should and can be created to improve performance and achieve cost savings. The goal is to always offer a means to run more Flexible Packaging and streamlined operations without ever sacrificing quality. This commitment to customer service saves our clients both production time and money.


Unique client requirements can sometimes offer unique challenges. The CPS team confidently strives to establish new structures, adhesive-backed solutions, substrates, coatings and finishes to meet and exceed any challenge. CPS knows how to determine which materials are needed for any project, how they implement and perform, possible trade-offs and substitutes.


Always expect an expert approach by CPS toward developing solutions for your company. Our quality, our custom labels, our digital labels, our pricing, our protective films, our printed shrink sleeves, our reliable delivery and our commitment to customer satisfaction have consistently proven to give our customers a strong competitive edge.


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Complete design and quality production of Labels, Custom Labels, Digital Labels, ..

Printed Shrink Sleeves

Complete design and quality production of printed shrink sleeves for most ..

Printed films

Printed films have steadily gained popularity as the material of choice ..

Protective Films

Anti-Mutilation Solutions protect and insure the surfaces of your product while ..

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